Thuso Summary

Thuso was formed in 2007 with the core focus of assisting clients in the reduction of their business communication overheads without compromising the efficiency of their systems. We do this by bringing new technology and/ or new supplier packages to our clients and enlighten them on the pros and cons of introducing these new technologies or packages. At Thuso, solutions are built around the end users and not the adaptation of the end user to the solution.

ServerAs a communications company we hold ICASA (Independent Communications Association of South Africa) approval and are the holders a VANS license (Value Added Network Services). Thuso holds partnership status with Linksys (a subsidiary of Cisco Networks), giving us access to Cisco's renowned network systems. Thuso's services also include but are not limited to PBX solutions, Internet Service Provider and Domain Hosting, VoIP solutions and Bandwidth resellers. As Telkom Wholesalers, we can also provide discounted ADSL and Leased Line (Diginet) services.